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Blue Speckled Dolphins
Date Submitted: September 27, 2005, 5:48 pm GMT
Submitted By: pillreports v1 (member since September 28, 2005)
Name: Blue Speckled Dolphins
State/Province: London
Logo: Dolphin Leap to Left
Colour: Blue W/ White Specks
Shape: Hard short stack, beveled edge
Report Quality Rating: not rated
Description: Well - Not to critize but I'm sure there are folks out there that wouldn't mind such a speedy pill. If I had wanted to stay up late and study - then these would be fine. To party? I should have saved money and placed rocks in my hoody - as my body did not want to party once these took over.

First notice: Strange taste - not the typical 'yuck' associated with your regular "E", this had more of a sour/had expired taste.

Orally dropped the pill around 12:30am - continued drinking until about 1:30 - finally started to feel small effects of the pill - however, it was more of a disoriented feeling/ rather than the typical "E" rush/creep up the spine sorta thing.

The rush up came and left rather quickly - leaving me confused as to whether or not I had felt anything at all - except for nausia/disorientation (This lasted for about 10 minutes while smoking a cigg and then I quickly returned to normal).

Went to a bar - couldn't really catch the bass, and didn't find myself in the usual chatty frame of mind. Each conversation required energy and focus - which wasn't enjoyable. lol. For about 1 hour I would have VERY minor small bursts of energy (nothing to extravigent) - but enough to maybe bop to the beat for about 1/3 a song. I found that it left a haze over my whole entire persective - as well as a slight fatigue.

Became rather bummed up - and decided to leave at 2:30am - BIZARRE.

I get home - completely tired and drained - and decided to go to bed... almost pass out - and then my body decides .. "No wait - we still got tonz of thinking to do". So - there I sit.. my body completely exhausted, but my mind wouldn't allow me to sleep until about 6:00am. Thankfully - not a sketchy comedown, a little spurt of horniness, but nothing to write home about.

Woke up the next day feeling groggy and a little burny around the eyes - but nothing TOO horrific.

Overall - waste of time pill - if your looking to have a good time, pass by these and save your money and your stamina for something worth your time.

However - if you hate yourself, and get off on wasting money and feeling like a moron - then go ahead - fill your boots.

Suspected Contents: Unknown
Tested: no
Consumed: yes
No image specified
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Posted on December 8, 2006, 7:38 am GMT by sisuliber (member since December 8, 2006)
I agree %100 with you! From what you say, I think I got the EXACT same pills. I haven't come down yet but I know that it doesn't have any MDA/MDMA. Or if it does it is so little and the other stimulants in the pills overpower the MDA/MDMA (the little IF there is any).

It seems that if it points right it's good and if it points left it sucks...that is DEFINATLEY the general aggreement from what I've gathered and read about BLUE DOLPHINS on here.

I'm in the Toronto area and I've gotten these pills as well. The colour is blue with white 'spots' or 'clouds'. The dolphine is in the middle and his face is pointing to the left (if you hold the pill so that the dolphine is jumping out of the water and his face to the left). The most remarkable feature of this pill is definatley it's colour. It is not blue, but rather it looks exactly like the colour of the sky with those white spots on it and the blue is a light, 'sky' blue.

The past week i've done 8 high quality MDA/MDMA pills (Green Impalas) every 3 days since dropping. Today is my 4th time after 3 days of EXCELLENT MDA/MDMA, so oviously I've got a tolerence.

I've already had one (3 by now) and it only got me uppy, much more similar to a 'meth bomb' or to an amphetamine than an MD** pill. It just doesn't get me that mind clouding/ fuzzyness and that eye dropping feeling. On those Impalas touching your forehead would give you tingles all OVER YOUR BODY. Meth bombs and amphetamine pills don't give this feeling as much if at all. I'm at least hoping there is some MDMA/MDA in them, even though I have a high tolerence to MDA/MDMA as of my recent use, I would think I could recognize an MDA/MDMA high.

P.S. There is another report about Blue Dolphins here in the North America- Canada section that showed in the picture these EXACT same pills described and praised here and everyone on that post was bitching about being stimulants in them like meth and amphtamines. Please check it out and see what is the problem. I'm in the Toronto area, I don't live in Toronto but not too far away from it either.

This is the post that is showing the EXACT same pills in the picture. The description of the pill in this one is 'TEAL DOLPHIN' which is exactly what I most likley have, though I hope I it isn't them with all my heart! The poster and the other posters who replied to the link below had ONLY negative things to say about it!

The dolphin in my pills is pointing to the LEFT! Not the right, it seems that the only ones that are GOOD are the ones with the dolphin pointing RIGHT, NOT LEFT! As well when looking at the pills from a little further away, they look exactly bluish green to greenish blue (teal)! Looking at them very close they look exactly like I described them. Thus it is leading me to believe that the ones I have are much more similar to the ones that I mentioned where people are only saying negative things about it.

And to tell you the truth, sadly though I'm hoping things will get better...i really don't feel ANY of the MDA/MDMA effects. I rather feel more like a 'meth bomb' with little to no MDA/MDMA in it at all. Absolutley NONE of the MDMA/MDA euphoria, NO pupil dilation whatsoever. The only change is that I did good MDA/MDMA 3 times this week every 3 days, so I was a little 'DOWN', a little anxious, a little stressed but generally allright, now I just don't feel 'DOWN' anymore. Rather I feel very awake....right now after 3 pills, I don't feel any MDMAish I said much more amphetamine like effects. So oviously not my favourite, not my favourite at all. Not a good pill! Ten dollars for one of these is BULLSHIT.

Please check out the link below, describing "TEAL DOLPHINE", VERY similar to the ones i've got and pretty similar to the description of these GOOD Dolphines.
Posted on December 8, 2006, 8:37 am GMT by sisuliber (member since December 8, 2006)
Other "DOLPHINE" pill reports: (from Canada, right from this site, not all of them but I'd say 50% of them are here.)