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Date Submitted: July 13, 2011, 2:15 am GMT
Last Updated: July 13, 2011, 2:51 am GMT
Submitted By: rollinbiscuit (member since June 29, 2009)
Name: AK-47
State/Province: NY
Logo: AK-47 or tommy gun?
Colour: green
Shape: circle
Report Quality Rating: no stars (0 stars, 1 vote)
Description: same as the controversial green ak-47/tommy guns from RI on here... tester didnt come in time so i couldnt test it on the spot but i did a bump of it(it was free i know dumb 2 do knowing it would be bad) left me feelin crackedout wit slight visuals (ABSOLUTELY NOT MDMA) ppl all around me said theyd had them and were freakin out... benzos were passed around thank god. the dancesafe tent that was set up said they were havin a HUGEEEEE influx of these nasty pills. once ppl knew they were bunk.. ppl actually crushed up the pills an put them in capsuls an tried to sell them that way..FUCKEDUP.

Suspected Contents: 0 - please select the suspected chemical
Rating: Unknown
Warning: yes
Tested: no
Consumed: yes
User Report: bumped a small line... felt nothing but speediness wit unpleasent visuals. since blown only lasted a few hrs.. but felt crackedout for hrs later(was at a festival so things went uphill frm their lol) this was consumed before ne other drugs were taken..


0- bump line
15 min later- feeling speedy
30 min later- visuals coming on..unpleasent feeling in stomach
1 hr later- still feeling speedy visuals are intense especially on such a small bump
2 hr later- still intense speedy feeling.. those around me who took whole ones need benzos there so bugged out
3 hrs later- start to comedown.. visuals an speediness still unpleasent
4 hrs later and beyound- feel crackedout still.. begin drinking(report from here out becomes useless)

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Alert Moderator
Posted on July 13, 2011, 2:27 am GMT by rollnpeace (Moderator)
dude you gotta start spacing rolls out and make better reports. We need pictures and actual details about your rolls. We appreciate the warnings but next time make a full user report
Posted on July 13, 2011, 2:44 am GMT by rollinbiscuit (member since June 29, 2009)
sry man i was at a festival... spacing of rolls doesnt really occur at those for me.. then i take a break for a while after festivals. ill edit the report now an make it better...
Posted on July 13, 2011, 2:47 am GMT by rollinbiscuit (member since June 29, 2009)
and i dont have a way to take pictures of the roll... like i said it the same one on here thats controversial.

i like how on top you are about mod an ur a great adition here but u kinda just came off as a dick 2 me(mayb im mistakin ur tone) an i was jus trying to warn ppl so sorry...
Posted on July 13, 2011, 3:45 am GMT by rollnpeace (Moderator)
not trying to be mean but if your reports dont contain more info, bear is going to want me to delete them. And on top of it, sounds like you mixed pills that night so that wouldn't fly either. Maybe next time just do a mass report stating all of the bad pills? That would be much appreciated and would be a heads up for everyone living in your area.
Posted on July 13, 2011, 3:51 am GMT by rollinbiscuit (member since June 29, 2009)
i was at a festival... but as the report states i wasnt on any other drugs or nethin wen i first did that bump... to be honest that bump made me not do nethin else cept drink... an that was later. i understand what you are saying. i will try an have reports wit more info in the future. sorry i shulda jus made one report of all the bunk rolls i encountered.. that wulda made more sense. in conclusion tho every pill except a 007 i ran into was a straight pipe an so was hf the molly.... its ridiculous how bad the scene is gettin. neway sry again an ill try an b better wit future reports. jus tryin 2 put out the warning. hittin up a few more festivals wit the tester so ill let yall know..
Posted on July 13, 2011, 4:02 am GMT by rollnpeace (Moderator)
no worries man and thanks for the contribution. I couldn't agree more tho, the scene has gone to shit all over the states.
just curious, what color was the 007?
Posted on July 13, 2011, 4:06 am GMT by rollinbiscuit (member since June 29, 2009)
it was yellow. i checked it out but dint get to test(tester dint come till after the festival im battelin dancesafe cuz they promised 1-2 day shippin) but it looked like the legit ones on here an talked 2 the girl she said it was straight but said needed 2-3 of them(lines up wit whats on here bout them being kinda med to low dosed) legit ALLLLLL the rolls i saw were pipes. kids eating butterfly cutouts and monkey head cutouts.. my friend actually thot he got dosed cuz he was buggin so much.. after talkin 2 him idetermined he ate a monkey cutout..he looked at me like i had four heads wen i told him he ate a piper(he had been outta the scene for almost 10 yrs dint know that there was shit like that in rolls now) again man sry for the shitty details... im jus tryin 2 help out. i been a member pillerports a couple yrs an have been browsing it for almost 4. i dont claim 2 b a vet but i know enough that my reports shuld b trusted(espically now that i got a new tester) but i appreciate the feedback cuz i wanna make my reports as good as possible.
fuck pipes! sry for rant.
Posted on July 13, 2011, 4:11 am GMT by rollnpeace (Moderator)
its all good
Posted on July 13, 2011, 4:22 am GMT by rollinbiscuit (member since June 29, 2009)
these pills were just such bs. i cant believe how many diff ppl had them an were trying to get rid of them... i saw these girls legit geeking on them swearing theyd never roll again.. got even worse wen kids were crushin them up an tryin 2 sell them in capsuls... like WTF thats how bad the scene has gotten!!!
Posted on July 13, 2011, 11:31 am GMT by yanker (member since March 10, 2011)
Thanks for the report.and id trust a report w a Lil less info that said the pills were Crap over a report w less info saying they were great anyday. It takes a lot more convincing to say pills contain mdma than to tell me they're garbage. They're really would b no logic behind saying they're garbage if they werent. Anyway thanks for updating the info
Posted on July 13, 2011, 3:50 pm GMT by rollinbiscuit (member since June 29, 2009)
yeh that what i was trying to do jus put a warning out. but i edited an added more details neways cuz fuck it.. mite as well practice putting up better reports cuz thats better for everyone in the long run :) these pills r COMPLETE SHIT... browsing thru the other reports i just cant understand how ppl enjoy that shit. if i wanna trip ill eat some l. FUCK THIS SHIT BEING PUT AND SOLD AS E!
Posted on July 13, 2011, 9:07 pm GMT by imwab (member since June 29, 2011)
these are pure meth i took of Red AKs and i was throwing up blood all night worst trip i ever had.
Posted on July 25, 2011, 6:26 pm GMT by thizzing (member since March 7, 2011)
had some pink ak and they were great ! you kids need to toughen up
Posted on July 25, 2011, 6:47 pm GMT by rollinbiscuit (member since June 29, 2009)
psht definetly a different batch... these ones goin around the festival were DISGUSTING. everyone was wigging out on them. I only saw a few dumb kids that actually liked them..(an they clearly didn't know good drugs) good that you got a diff batch i guess..
Posted on July 26, 2011, 12:13 am GMT by wagzy (member since July 26, 2011)
Well I think this report was short and sweet and to the point . Thanks mane I was just in Ohio and someone tried to sell these to my brother I'm glad he didn't grab them because, just like I expected, garbage