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Louis Vuitton LV
Date Submitted: December 1, 2007, 5:26 am GMT
Last Updated: December 2, 2007, 7:48 pm GMT
Submitted By: liquid arcadia (member since September 29, 2005)
Name: Louis Vuitton LV
State/Province: Hartford
Logo: LV
Colour: yellow orange ish
Shape: round domed both sides
Texture: very good press, hard, smooth
Report Quality Rating: (5 stars, 4 votes)
Description: Pill is hard to tell on the color. At first I thought it was orange, but under closer inspection it seems more yellow. The color seems solid, but my eye sight isn't great so I can't tell.

Friends picked up a few and I asked for one, guess I'll wait to see what they say since I can't find it on pill reports. Hope they're good :)

I selected yes to warn since I don't know yet and don't have a tester kit. This would be a great frekin time for one since I no longer have the urge to just eat the pill no matter what. Curious to see what these are.
Suspected Contents: MDMA
Rating: MDxx Medium
Warning: no
Tested: no
Consumed: yes
User Report: I have not consumed the pill, I only put this so i would be able to post it up. I didn't find it on here, so maybe someone has taken it or knows. ill update report if anyone has any info and/or if i take it or get the report from my friends.

called friends and its obvious they are rollin. i could hear the girl in the background sayin some "do you feel like floating" shit lol. Its her first time so im assuming they are good.

The last MDMA pill I had was in April, yellow smiley face. I dropped a gspot about a month ago, couldn't believe they were still around!! So this would be my 3rd time rolling this year, which gives me little to no tolerance unless there is MDA. I seem to have lost the magic with MDA, i never enjoy myself on it.

argggggg...12:51 am...down the hatch. man i hope they dont have meth. will update as i go

1:05 AM: starting to feel a head change, limbs feeling numb, bit of warmth coming on. I felt speedy for a quick second but not so much anymore. Might I note that about 2 minutes after i swallowed the pill I felt something. Probably just placebo but I'm skeptical about pills n have taken enough to know that it doesn't come on that fast. We'll see!!

1:15 AM: being hit with spaced mild out waves of euphoria, colors seem brighter, vision very clear. So far so good, already I can say I dont think these have any MDA in them. I 'm tired too and yawning. The signs keep lookin better and better!!

DID I FIND A GOOD MDMA PILL!?! frekin gspots!!!!!

2:16 am : woooooooooow. pretty sure theres some amp in these. but these are a very good dose of MDMA. Pill took FOREVER to kick in. I'd say about 10 minutes ago i started comin up hard. WOW. MDMA i feel GOOOOOOOD. I could be wrong on the amp. i could eat but that could be cuz i take adderall and didnt eat much today. no more yawns tho.

4:24 AM: sat around my buddys relaxing. VERY VERY good feeling all over, god I missed MDMA. I always forget how much different the two are. Mainly in the aspect of the roll always being there with MDMA. you do what you want with it, feel high, feel low, blow up, do something, ect. where MDA to me is more like the roll does what it wants to you instead.

These are vvvvery good pills. No more speedy feeling so meth is out of the question. Very relaxed bout to puff some herb and call it a night. these are def. pills to grab if you can find them!!!

10/10 since the last time I saw MDMA was in april

btw i only took one. two of these would be an incredible clean, hard, solid roll.

6:31 am : smoked after last post and just chilled listenin to some trance. im mad hungry too. think there might be some amp. im really not too sure, i havent had mdma in so long that tonight was just a real good night. i took .5 klonpopin to calm the slightly speedyness i have. i think i can sleep. man im hungry lol.

o ya, ahah ill add this shit just to add it. i wacked off and came, while being hungry, on an e pill.

GsPOT?!@$ *&^^&%


quality pill NO doubt in my book. For taking one man. I really had NO intentions on rollin tonight lol. i smoked all day, went to a mexican bar and ordered a long island iced tea and the fuckin thing comes out and its like 40oz of alchhol in this huge fuckin mexican cup. lol

then we go home and this pill shows up in my hand. excelent night! btw i wasnt drunk when i took the pill.


6:38 AM : yea im wide awake lol. its gettin bright out now and i feel like i just woke up lol. we all hate pills with meth...but i dont believe thers a lot in these and being able to finally feel that freeeeeeeeee feeling MDMA gives you and leaves your body slowly and blurrs the meth hangover to a beautiful picture.

seriously, everything feels so calm, chill, refreshed, ahhhhhhhhhhh the end of a CLEAN MDMA ROLL (semi clean :-P)

i'de sat 10/90 meth/mdma ratio


do my sentances make sence hahah man weed brings everything back, its like it alows you to enjoy every last bit of it instead of just comin off a roll. that sucks. bong rips PZ be safe plur

i've been doing liquid dance for 5 years. and i like legos.


that acura gspot one is mine :)


6:55 AM : im eatin pizza. dunno why im still awake, i dont feel like im cracked out im just awake. my body still feels very relaxed. but this could be ebcause im used to amphetamines w/ 30mg adderall daily and benzo's to counteract it. haha this differes tho, i still got that real nice deep happy feelin.

lol im readin back my report to myself and thinkin no wonder im on adderall lol.

haha its cool when i make the text faces :) :( its like i can feel their emotions. fuck gspots


ok so i never took anything more than the other .5 klonopin and ate a ton of pizza. i smoked my self silly and fell asleep. which is awesome. slept til 5:30 PM lol. Woke with typical MDMA hangover, but nothing more than just a blah tired feeling. Been up for an hour and feelin fine. no 5htp yet and usually that shits in my system right when im coming down. didn't feel the need for it.

good pills. be much better without the meth. but since mdma is so rare for me im pleased. it could be caffiene too. i dont really know.



actually no. i didn't. i came to post to tell you that after waking up feeling like i rolled. about an hour later i was up. i didnt take my adderall or bipolar meds and just headed out for the night feeling fine. took 100mg 5htp when i woke up and thats all there is to it. i feel and felt fine.

but i can say that these pills are worth taking. i cant say much about 2, but just one for the roll it gave me. just below the point of where you cannot deny the fact that you are in total bliss. So thats why i rated it medium. I asked my buddy and he said he thought there was meth. I am not as affected by amphetamines anymore since I am so used to being on my adderall, so i cant say for sure.

Pill Report: Louis Vuitton LV
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Posted on December 2, 2007, 3:55 am GMT by d rail (member since February 17, 2007)
great report
Posted on December 4, 2007, 2:05 am GMT by nakoma74 (member since November 2, 2007)
Wow. That is the most detailed report I have ever read! Nice job dude.
Posted on December 7, 2007, 4:07 am GMT by househead420 (member since September 29, 2005)
You should always listen when Arcadia says it's a good pill, he's been around here as long as ME and I always remember to look out for his recommendations. These pills sound awesome, although I tend to differ from you in the sense that MDA (for me) is usually more enjoyable than MDMA is. The body high stays in tact longer and the eye wobbling is more prevalent. MDA gives a MUCH worse hangover though, an awful downside. But all in all, I will be on the lookout for these beans. I haven't rolled since about June, hence why I haven't posted in such a long time. Hope these badboys make it out to Boston! ~P~L~U~R
Posted on December 10, 2007, 6:45 pm GMT by liquid arcadia (member since September 29, 2005)
I think I don't care for MDA for a few reasons. Main reason is dosage.

I don't like the lack of empathy. That warm stuck in my bed, tactile rush inner sensation lacks. It's basically been the past few rolls like that, especially off the lady's. BUT, I don't recall taking more than 2 lady's at once. So achieving that level where you are lost in your own comfort for me seems to be harder.

Too many times did I take too many strong pills at once and end up in an INSANE MDA trip to the point where the high is no longer enjoyable and just straight up annoying and weird, usually at the 4 hour mark or so, followed by an awful crash.

As well as being used to amphetamines I can really pinpoint the speediness in MDA. MDMA is still an amp, but we all know when the chemicals are flooding that is impossible to even feel. (unless meth is involved)

The day after on MDMA is def. harsh though. Worth it 100% but cannot be done without 5htp. I only took one pill this time and it took its toll.

These are still around, I've yet to grab more since guy realized they were a good batch and jumped the price. All he ever had was ladies and random so-so beans.

These are not excellent pills. Although compared to many others, for taking JUST one, I rolled enough to say I rolled. It's simple, you either roll or you don't. It can come, come, come, ohhhh and then stop. This didn't I got the full MDMA experience. A long smooth come up, to a very nice relaxed feeling, to a smooth transition over to the meth in the pill on a good 5 hour timespan. Again I cannot say how bad the meth ratio is for sure cuz I am used to adderall, but I was able to sleep on .5 klonopin. I only took one though.

They are what I call "make yourself roll" pills. As with and MDMA, you have the ability to turn off the roll. This ones more or less the same, but opposite. Its the kid of pill that needs full attention. Lay down, get some music, and give it 5 minutes to start collecting, until you are full out rollin. Deep long breaths, CEV's, and that amazing relaxation. On the outside wihtout effort there is decent empathy and well being.

Fact of the matter is, I rolled. If I was a newbie this pill would be worth taking. It put me in the place that many pills did not. It put me where I wanted to be, in the sense of MDMA, not MDA.

Appreciate the kudos man, househead. I have been on for a while and posted a few pills. I take this site very seriously. We all love the drug but test kit or not you still need to be smart on your usage.

It's funny because when I was 18 or so I left the laptop screen open accidentally for my mother and father to see. It took me a while to explain the importance of WHAT they found. Yes I took the drug, but you didn't find that. You found me making sure what I was taking wasn't going to do what you think this drug might do to me. Dad never saw it, but I showed my mother the ABC special "Ecstasy Rising" and that was a big help.

Be safe guys. I'll keep givin my random reports with badass pictures lol.

I'm surprised no one else has posted these pills.
Posted on December 12, 2007, 5:10 am GMT by cbone1 (member since December 12, 2007)
loved the post the LV's are around the new haven area also i was supposed to get the white ladies but from your post my worries are no more plus my cuz said the were blaze. so i grabed a couple handfulls for my girl and i. gonna pop them this weekend and this year we planned weeks in advance for new years. This year we wont be searching the last few days b4 new years only to have to get them at a club for stupid prices. so its been a year since we dropped so im psyched and as i type im already getting that tight clenching feeling on my jaw. so i will repost monday after my weekend trip wit louie and let yall know how things went down. peace
Posted on January 6, 2008, 6:21 pm GMT by ljjjj (member since December 9, 2007)
my first roll on something besides a Lady G, and it was good. I've had some fun experiences alone on G's and this bean seemed more like a social pill (clear vision).
Posted on January 8, 2008, 3:31 am GMT by frankccx (member since January 8, 2008)
Ya well I live in Hartford and my friends birthday was jan 5th. We got them from the north end. we bought 6 pills. he ended up taking 2 and i took 4. it was my first time ever trying it and i had a great time. but after the 4th one started to kick in i couldnt drive, shit was popping up in the road, like cones, dogs, 18 wheeler trucks that really werent there.. i had a great trip im gonna take a whole one before school and bring another one just incase :)
Posted on February 12, 2008, 8:27 pm GMT by pretty p (member since February 12, 2008)
id also have to say that these pills are nice. i just cant seem to find them anymore. the batch that im getting now has the same press...but on the back side it has a line thru the middle...pretty much same roll...just curious if anyone else has come across these new ones out?....
Posted on March 8, 2008, 3:45 pm GMT by bristolct (member since March 7, 2008)
i had some with the line through the middle and they are good i felt trippy at first but overall it was good
Posted on March 8, 2008, 8:07 pm GMT by ljjjj (member since December 9, 2007)
I've tried both presses, recently got the line on the back.
Pretty clean MDMA.
Posted on March 24, 2008, 12:30 am GMT by statik j (member since March 16, 2008)
Reeeeeeally great bean! I've been lucky enough to get a hold of some between December to now and would love to grab some more. Clean roll, no panicky effects, non-speedy. A bit draining afterwards but otherwise great.
Posted on April 11, 2008, 4:42 am GMT by ecstatica (member since April 11, 2008)
Great report. I'm excited because I'm getting two of these tomorrow. :)
Posted on April 13, 2008, 11:10 am GMT by ecstatica (member since April 11, 2008)
Oh my God, are these pills amazing! :D :D :D
Posted on June 15, 2008, 1:25 am GMT by gaiaguy48706 (member since October 3, 2007)
These look exactly like the pills my friends and I took last night. We each took two pills, and, well, I have not had a roll like that in a Looooooooooooooooooooooooooong time.
I had that "floating/separated/totally lucid/Clean rolling/Empathic feeling throughout the night. My brain is definitely high on the mush quota right now. We are in Michigan, so Not sure if these are the same batch or whatnot. But this report fits best what my friends and I felt throughout the night. Great report, great picture, and great times.
I started rolling when I was 16, I am 35 this month. Only found this site in the last year or so. great site. Be safe, have fun, and BE SAFE!!
Posted on July 2, 2008, 9:02 am GMT by dj c beanz (member since February 14, 2008)
mda/mdea with red specks some with line some with out very ebjoyable but it might take a couple take at own risk mda/mdea does have a higer toxic level but these are the most enjoyable pills i have ever had and i have consumed six of the same ones over a 14 hour period be safe. i would not say trippy like bzp but it has a very diffrent feeling from anyother pills you ppl havehad over the last year

get these dont be fooled buy big thick candy waxy coated lvs out there as those are bullshit nl pills bzp but if you can get these give it a go
Posted on August 3, 2008, 2:01 am GMT by catypoe (member since July 11, 2008)
man i took two of these and one yellow thumbs up, it did take a while to kick in but but i didnt even realize when they did, i was straight one moment and rolling ballz the next, i had so much fun that night i was everywhere, its even hard for me to remember what happened but people tell me i was makin the thizz face like no other. i will recomend these to anyone, but only one should do you fine, cuz two was crazy, and i did have a bad comedown, but thats just me i always do, my friends who took them had no prob so these are the best! besides red buddahs that is
Posted on August 25, 2008, 10:18 pm GMT by lvchangedmylife (member since August 25, 2008)
Just seeing the picture of these makes me remember my first and still to date best roll, the chase has been on for like 6 months now trying to find something close, nothing, and the search goes on....
Posted on January 26, 2011, 2:30 am GMT by blumpkinqueen (member since January 26, 2011)
My boy duckcock and some others ate some and didn't feel a thing. Wicked pissed off what a waste of money and time hope others don't get raped like we did